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Movilh can help you and guide you in the following areas:


  • Counselling in cases of discrimination:

    If you were discriminated only for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual we offer you all help necessary, including legal help, for free.


You just have to write to or call 671 48 55 at any time.

It is very important that you tell us the following in your report:

a) Your name

b) Your email address

c) Your phone number

d) Date and time of discrimination

e) The address of the place where the discrimination took place

f) The name/s of person/people or institution responsible for the discrimination

g) Describe how you were discriminated, explaining how it is related to you being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual.

h) Describe the type of help that you want us to give you.

You can also report discrimination online through our report form.

We will keep your personal data from the report in complete privacy, should you wish so. In order for us to help you, it is not necessary to go public with your sexual orientation or gender identity.


Movilh only advises in those cases of discrimination that originates from being treated unfairly because of sexual orientation or gender identity. That is, if you have suffered a robbery, a beating, blackmail, a layoff or other type of abuse that has not been caused by being lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or gay, we recommend you to report the crime to the corresponding official bodies. 


  • Extension and investigation:

If you are a student or researcher, Movilh is willing to answer all your questions and to facilitate the information that you need about homosexuality, transsexuality, sexuality, discrimination or human rights. You only have to come by our headquarters, located on Qoquimbo 1410, Santiago Centro, on any working Friday at 5 p.m. Before coming, you need to notify us by email, We will attend you based on order of arrival.

Movilh does not answer questionnaires from students or researchers by email. Questions will always be answered in person or by telephone.

We recommend you to have a look at our webpage before you request an interview or to visit our Librarby, the material published there might answer your questions.

  •  Support for other organizations:

If your organization works with human rights for the sexual diversity y needs support for any specific initiative that will favour equality and social justice, Movilh is willing to join in and contribute with its experiences in the way you find suitable.

These are the ways of gaining access to our services:

Through email, using our contact form.

By phone; (+56-2) 671 48 55 or 09 418 77 88

In person; Coquimbo 1410, Santiago Centro, postal code 833-0967