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The transparency of the tasks carried out by social organizations is relevant for the strengthening of democracy and for an ethical and just distribution of the various human and material resources belonging to a country.

From the beginning Movilh has understood and practiced the value of transparency making public its objectives, principles, organizational structure, legal precedents, internal mechanisms of election, alliances and work within the sociopolitical and cultural sector.

The organism also details all of its activities and meeting with authorities and other social actors, spreading the news on the website and afterward in the annual evaluation in the reports of the human rights of sexual minorities. The transparency require major efforts and gestures which are established within the “Ethical Code for Action: a contribution to the transparency and the democracy”, propelled by the Chilean Association for Non Governmental Organizations, in which Movilh is part of. In this sense, Movilh has the pride to be the sole social organization of Chile to annually publish in detail every economic contribution received, precising along with the combined total, the source of financing and the use of the resources, with links of concrete evidence showing the execution of the activities to with any kind of support was obtained (photos, videos, press archives, etc).

Financial transparency

Since 1991, 90 percent of the activities developed by Movilh lack external economic support and are carried through thanks to the strictly voluntary work of each of its members..

The strength and visibility achieved by Movilh have been the result of the voluntarism, to a point where between 1995 and 2000 the organization did not receive any kind of economic support, in this period being and organization under consolidation.

The national visibility of Movilh and the sociocultural changes of Chile, made the demands of the free services offered by Movilh bigger and required strategical adjustments. To meet these demands and to support the human rights to a larger scale the organization needed economic support.

Since 2001, Movilh began to look for financing through these channels:

a.- Postulation of projects to government and foreign instances to finance production costs and never professional fees.

b.- Contribution of activists: Still, when any of the projects permits financing for a period shorter than half a year and, in the majority of cases, for amounts smaller than 30 percent of the total approved budget, the norm is that this money is donated to the activists withing Movilh to cover the costs of water, electricity, telephone, internet, office material, travels, assistance in emergencies and development of other activities lacking external financing. So, all work done withing the financed projects ends up being voluntary.

c.- Donations and auspicious: Those are the contributions of persons and companies for activities as well as massive events and office expenditures.

Below, the one interested can learn more about each of the contributions received by Movilh, which are sent annually to the Ministry of Justice.

The details stretches from 2001. In 1995 Movilh experienced an internal break-up and therefore there is no history for the received funding for the previous years. Also, between 1995 and 2000 Movilh did not receive any external contribution.

Finally, the contributions are listed after the year they were received for the first time, even if the project continued for a longer period. In those cases, additional information is provided.


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