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If you are interested in collaborating with our organization and don’t know how, we give you the following information:

  • Economic contribution

Movilh is an organization without economic interests which work is based on volunteers and every one of its members. Our activities require your support. We hope and are very thankful for your help which goes directly to those who are suffering from discrimination.

Bank account: Banco Estado

Bank account number: 2124602

Name: ONG Movilh

RUT: 65535000-4

Address: Coquimbo 1410, Santiago


Every deposit is needed and considered as big help and every support given will be published at our web annually anonymously or with the name of the donor according to the donors wishes.

If you want to make monthly donations that automatically will be subtracted from your account, contact us at and we will help you.

  • Join campaigns, investigations or events

Movilh is continuously doing campaigns for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and doing investigations about the homosexuality and the transsexualism.

To collaborate with your voluntary work in these initiatives contact us at

  • Transform your ideas into action

If you have ideas or advice how to help or improve the quality of our organizations work, feel free to communicate with us at Movilh will look into to your thoughts to transform them into action.

No matter what the contribution is, you will never have to state your identity to us.

You can be completely anonymous if that is what you wish.

The way to contact us with your ideas are the following:

  1. Via e-mail:

  2. Via phone: (56-2) 671 4855 or 09 418 77 88

  3. Face to face: Coquimbo 1410, Santiago Centro, Postal Code 833-0967