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The diverse areas of work of MovilH are:

  • Human rights: We offer everyday legal, psychological, social and human consulting for people affected by discrimination, and we carry out studies, investigations and campaigns linked to all the organizations areas of work.
  • Legislative and politics: We investigate, propose and design laws, agreement projects, politics and municipals against the discrimination towards the influence of authorities and the society to achieve normative changes.
  • Culture and academic: We consult and develop investigations related to the sexuality and the phenomenons of discrimination as well as carrying out recreating and cultural educational activities, for example chats in headquarters and in the field, forums, expositions, seminars, meetings, massive events, like the March for Equality and Sexual diversity, Gay Parade, The Film Festival for the Sexual Diversity and Diverse Chile.
  • Social and health rights: We offer guidance in sexual orientation, sexual diversity and human rights, we organize programs in social consulting and give theoretical and technical help and support to growing sexual minority organizations and to those with lack of resources.